The Six Dirtiest Places in Your Home

Places a Cleaning Service will Handle in a Dirty Home

Find out which places in your home are the dirtiest, and learn how a cleaning service can save you time.

You walk the dog, make breakfast, get ready, work your 9 to 5, navigate rush hour traffic and finally return home. The last thing you want to find after your hectic day? A dirty home. Having a cleaning service takes away all the stress while saving you time and energy. Relax, unwind and let a cleaning company take care of the six dirtiest places in your home.

1. Doorknobs & Cabinet Handles

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a great number of germs and illnesses are transmitted from hands to surfaces. When you think about how many doors and cabinets you open throughout your house each day, you’ll probably start to lose count. A great way to put your mind at ease is by regularly wiping down these knobs and handles. This should happen more frequently during cold and flu season. A cleaning company can take care of small details like this so you don’t have to worry about them. 

2. The Entrance

Hands aren’t the only germ carriers in your home. The bottoms of your shoes may be tracking all sorts of grime inside. Dirt, toxic fertilizers and even lead, which can occur in soil, are just some harmful, unsanitary factors to consider. To keep the dirt and germs outside where they belong, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends removing your shoes at the entrance door of the house. Another way to prevent a dirty home is using machine-washable rugs that can be laundered regularly. Along with taking these precautions, a regular cleaning service will keep your flooring sanitary.  

3. The Kitchen

The kitchen can be a wonderful place where recipes turn into works of art. But it can also be the perfect spot for bacteria to form. With all the right contributing factors – heat, moisture, food and other elements – your kitchen can harbor a lot of germs. A major point to focus on is the kitchen sink. To combat all the germs, food remnants, dirt and bacteria that pass through, spray your sink with vinegar and water and scrub it with a handled brush. Can’t take this kind of heat? Stay out of the kitchen and leave the hard work to a cleaning company.

4. The Bathroom

This one shouldn’t come as much of a shocker. You use your bathroom regularly, so the floor tiling, sink and toilet are all prone to gathering germs. Along with these spots, one of the biggest areas to watch out for is the tub. For an area that comes into contact with soap and water every day, it’s still very unhygienic. High humidity, dirt and soap scum are the perfect stomping grounds for germs to set up shop. The best way to eliminate them is to clean with bleach spray while wearing rubber gloves. Or, if you leave the chore of battling a dirty home to the cleaning service experts, all you have to do in the bathroom is…well…we’ll keep that between you and the bathroom.

5. The Living Area

The place where you gather as a family should be an inviting oasis for relaxing and entertaining. Dirt and bacteria aren’t on the guest list, and they definitely like to overstay their welcome. There are numerous spots for them to linger, from lamps and coffee tables to remote controls and entertainment centers. Upholstered furniture is another major spot for dirt and bacteria to hide. A key method to keeping your furniture cozy and clean is vacuuming the surfaces of couches and armchairs. Hiring a cleaning company helps you say “good riddance” to unwanted filth. Let the experts get to all the tight corners and rid your home of things like pet hair, food crumbs, stains and more.

6. Every Room: Light Switches

They’re out there, and there’s simply no avoiding them. Similar to doorknobs and cabinet handles, light switches are full of germs spread by hands. Since you probably have them all over, this can quickly make for a dirty home. An all-purpose cleaner or mixture of vinegar and water should do the trick. Why add this mundane task to your long list of things to do when a cleaning service can take the load off instead? Make this one less thing you have to worry about.

Save Your Time and Energy – Leave Your Dirty Home to Madison Cleaning!

Keeping your house tidy and hygienic is certainly no small feat. It’s just one more thing on your to-do list weighing you down. But it doesn’t have to be! With our outstanding service and dedicated staff, Madison Cleaning is here to help. We’re proud to provide expert assistance with our dedicated residential cleaning services. No mess is too big or small, and no spot is overlooked. To learn more about how Madison Cleaning can take the stress out of tidying up a dirty home, contact us today!

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