7 Ways to Keep Your Space Clean During Home Remodeling

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The process of home remodeling can be an exciting one, but it can also add a bit of stress to your everyday life. Suddenly, you’re living in a construction site with nail hammering, dust scattering and plenty of debris in the mix. Sounds less than relaxing, right? Your house is your haven, and it should still feel that way as you’re renovating. So, here are some helpful tips to keep it that way.

1. Clear the Room

Before the home remodeling begins, remove as many items as possible from the designated space. This consists of furniture, decorations, clothing and anything else that may be in the way during renovating. By moving these items, you’ll prevent them from getting dirty and avoid the risk of damage to your belongings.  

2. Cover What Remains

You can’t always remove every item you own during your home renovation. Perhaps your chifforobe is just too heavy. Maybe your favorite chair simply won’t fit through the doorway. Have no fear! You can cover these leftover items in plastic for safekeeping. Covering various items in plastic is a great way to preserve them while also keeping dust and debris away.


You’ll also want to wrap window treatments in this material. To do this, tape plastic at the top of the casing. From there, tuck the plastic underneath and behind the casing. Be sure to remove the window’s screen as another attempt to prevent damage during renovating.  

 3. Protect Surfaces & Isolate the Area

Your furniture isn’t the only thing that needs some TLC when you’re remodeling. As the renovation crew starts working, your house is in for a daily dose of hardware shuffling. Protect the corners of counters, cabinets and walls from nicks and scratches with strips of cardboard. To do this, you can take thick shipping boxes and cut them. Another method is to purchase a box of premade protective corners. No matter which option you choose, this material will provide a protective barrier from all the hustle and bustle.


Along with keeping those areas safe, you might want to seal off the room. If extensive home remodeling is required, install thick plastic flaps over the area’s door frames. This will give the crew a designated space to work in, while separating the rest of your home from the renovations.

 4. Make a Safe Path

During home renovation, you’ll want to create a path for contractors to follow to keep them from tracking mud and dust through the home. This path can lead from the entry door to the work area and bathroom. Carpet scraps or heavy canvas tarps are great materials for this. Once the contractors are finished for the day, you can remove the carpet scraps or tarp. You can also repeat this process until all the work is complete. Just make sure to shake the scraps or tarp outside to get rid of any leftover debris from their work.

5. Vacuum First, Dust Later

Even with furniture removed, objects covered and areas sealed off, your home may still collect dust and dirt during remodeling. If you start noticing dust gathering, run a soft-bristled vacuum over it first. By doing this, you’ll prevent your floor or wooden furniture from becoming scratched when you move on to dusting. If you skip the vacuuming and simply wipe the dust away, you can cause your furniture to dull very quickly or possibly scratch it.

 6. Air it Out

Some spots are just too tough to dust. If this is true in your case,  open your windows to allow fresh air into your home (weather permitting, of course). This will help with overall ventilation and provide better air quality for contractors. Just make sure any light objects are weighted down to prevent them from blowing away.  

 7.  Don’t Forget  Daily Cleanup

On top of having your home renovated, you also want to keep it clean. After the long process of home renovation, the last thing you want is a beautiful new edition full of dust and debris. Usual cleaning tasks like sweeping and scrubbing may seem like a lot of upkeep, but they’re worth it. Ultimately, you’ll reduce the amount of leftover dirt in the space being renovated and prevent it from spreading through the house, too.

Let Madison Cleaning Keep Your Home Tidy

If you think all of this cleaning combined with home remodeling sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone. For years, we’ve been providing top-notch residential cleaning services in the Denver area. If you need your home cleaned during renovation, we can go one step further and handle construction cleaning for you. Choose Madison Cleaning for stress-free, unparalleled home cleaning at a reasonable price.

If you have questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to work with you to create a maintenance plan that meets your needs.

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