4 Ways Office Cleaning Can Boost Employee Morale

Benefits of a Clean OfficeEach year, businesses spend a great amount of time and money in hopes of discovering how to keep employees happy and maximize productivity. With all the energy they invest, it can feel like quite a difficult endeavor. But what if there was an easy way to boost employee morale and overall work ethic? As it turns out, there is! Something as simple as proper office cleaning can result in a more positive, motivated work environment. As a result, the benefits of a clean office are truly endless and invaluable.

Your Office Space: A Germ Breeding Ground

Forms of bacteria like E. Coli and Microbes are all too common in the workplace. According to a University of Arizona study, keyboards and computer mice have three to four times more germs than the average toilet seat. In fact, the typical work desk is home to 10 million bacteria. 

But it doesn’t stop at your desk. Germs and bacteria are found on everything you use in the office on a daily basis – phones, doorknobs, elevator buttons, faucet handles and more. A variety of factors contribute to this, and they range from eating lunch at your desk to poor overall hygiene practices. The spread of germs and bacteria increases the risk of employees getting sick or catching contagious illnesses like cold and flu viruses. 

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. With a clean working environment, your employees can avoid this amount of exposure to bacteria and also benefit from an overall morale boost. Here are some ways office cleaning can have a positive impact on the workplace. 

1. Tidiness Aids Concentration

A study conducted by Princeton University concluded clutter and overstimulation can often have a direct impact on one’s attention and efficiency. If you’ve ever had too many tabs open at work, you can probably relate to this. But on an even larger scale, if you have a messy desk or unsanitary work environment, it can be even worse. Maybe it’s a weird smell coming from your office kitchen. Perhaps it’s spilled food on your colleague’s desk that left a stain on important paperwork. It could be dust all over your monitors causing you to lose your train of thought while you cough and sneeze. Whatever the issue, a lack of cleanliness at work can be very distracting. Employees in sanitary office space have a better chance of staying focused and productive.

2. A Clean Workspace is an Inviting Workspace

Keep in mind, your office is a direct representation of your company. The way it looks and feels can not only attract clients — but it can also attract employees. Better yet, your office’s overall cleanliness can retain clients and employees, too. For reasons like these, Fortune 500 companies like Google and Facebook heavily invest in their office cleaning and overall work environments. These companies can also boast about having some of the happiest employees in the workplace. When a surrounding environment is clean and organized, it presents a feeling of welcomeness, respect and dedication. These types of feelings are what keep clients and employees coming back again and again.

3. Office Cleaning can Influence Attitudes 

One of the basic rules of psychology states that people are inclined to copy types of behavior they witness around them. This is applicable to office cleanliness, as well. If a place is messy, we’re prone to following social norms and either add to the mess or refuse to clean any of it up. As you can imagine, this has less than desirable consequences on productivity and morale. One of the great benefits of a clean office, however, is the positive domino effect it creates. When employees find themselves working in a sanitary environment, they’re more likely to want to keep it that way. They’ll also be in a far better mood than they would be in a messy office space that shows a lack of maintenance and respect. 

4. Employees Feel Valued

No one wants to work for a company that doesn’t value them. As a business, there are numerous ways you can express appreciation to your employees. One of those ways is proper office cleaning. When you present your employees with a sanitary work environment, you show them you care about their health, safety and overall well-being. While it may seem like a subtle way to express gratitude, it can have a great impact on employees and make them work harder with a happier mindset.

Let Madison Cleaning Services Tidy Your Office Space

You do enough work, so why add routine office cleaning into the mix? Let Madison Cleaning make your job easier with our commercial cleaning services available in the Denver area. We can provide everything from sanitization to general janitorial work to keep your office in tip-top shape. And with our flexible hours, we’re here to go around your schedule. Choose Madison Cleaning for unparalleled office cleaning services at a reasonable price. We look forward to helping you maintain a clean workspace and a productive, positive, tidy environment. 

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