Five Office Cleaning Tips for a More Welcoming Workspace

professional office cleaners for the Denver areaWhen you’re at work, you know that it can be hard to focus on daily tasks when there’s so much going on around you. Loud coworkers, phones ringing non-stop and other constant interruptions can make the day unbearable. Add a cluttered or dirty office to all of that and you have the perfect storm of frustration and irritation. You can’t trade your coworkers, nor can you unplug all of the phones. But you can take some simple steps to help ensure that your office is presentable and sanitary throughout the day. Here are some simple office cleaning tips to get you started.

Cut Out the Food Foolishness

Some offices are fortunate to have a lunchroom or kitchen area. In other offices, workers might have to eat at their desks. Either way, it’s important to clean up right after you finish eating. Spills, crumbs and dirty dishes can lead to pests and bacteria buildup. We’re pretty sure that your office doesn’t need a coffee cup mold farm or unofficial pet mice. A good rule of thumb is to clean up your desk when you’re done eating and put away any food that hasn’t been touched within the last five minutes. 


Once you’re finished eating or having a cup of coffee, wash your dishes right away. While lunch might have been absolutely delicious or that coffee totally hit the spot, no one wants to smell your dishes minutes or hours later — or have to constantly swat away flies looking for leftovers. Wash or rinse your dishes and put them in the dishwasher as soon as you’re finished. Your officemates will appreciate it. 

Get Rid of the Clutter

When you have too much clutter at your desk, you can’t focus on your work. Clutter also makes it harder for you to find important paperwork when you need it. And when you leave papers, books or even folders piled up on your desk for a long time, they’ll eventually start to collect dust, making office cleaning even more difficult. After you’re finished with a document, book or folder, return it to its proper place. If you have papers on your desk that are no longer needed, shred them or put them in the recycle bin. The same goes for papers that might be scattered throughout the office. There’s a good chance those old magazines from 10 years ago or that Girl Scout Cookie order form from last season won’t be missed.

Be a Garbage Person From Time to Time

We’re not telling you to be a terror at work, but we don’t want you to wait until the garbage is overflowing, or the office smells like something died in it, before you take out the trash. If you work in a smaller office, take turns emptying the trash so this doesn’t become one person’s responsibility. And in the warmer months, take the trash out often to prevent bad smells or swarms of flies. After emptying the garbage cans, spray them inside and out with a disinfectant spray to kill germs and unpleasant odors.

Wipe it Down to Wipe Germs Out

It doesn’t have to be cold and flu season for you to wipe down your desk, your keyboard, countertops, door handles and any other high-use areas with antibacterial wipes. In fact, if you develop a normal office cleaning routine, it won’t even matter when cold and flu season rolls around because you’re already in the habit of preventing germs. Also, encourage coworkers to wash their hands thoroughly and keep hand sanitizer around the office so they can clean their hands on the spot.

Hire an Office Cleaning Service for a Deeper Clean

If things become a little too much for you and your officemates to handle, professional office cleaners can get the job done right on a regular basis. A cleaning crew can make sure common areas are thoroughly sanitized, floors are mopped or vacuumed, dishes are cleaned and trash is taken out routinely. An office cleaning service will take these responsibilities off your hands so you can focus on what you do best — and not have to scramble to clean when visitors stop by.


If you need a commercial cleaning company in the Denver area, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our office cleaning services or to get a free quote. 

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